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Dalian Hualu OMA Optics & Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary company of China Hualu Group, a directly under SASAC enterprise. It is a high-tech enterprise combining R&D, manufacture and sales three-in-one, locating in Dalian High-Tech Zone with construction area of more than 40,000 square meters.

In recent years, with substantial support of governments at all levels and China Hualu Group company and  its continuous efforts, it has accumulated pwerful technology capacity and abundant manufacturing experiences in LED semiconductor lighting products’ development and manufacturer,solar cell module application,solar power supply system development and so on, especially in comprehensive application solutions on solar PV products and LED semiconductor lighting products with BIPV. It has a professional R&D team. Based on the cooperation with Peking University Institute of Physics and BeiJing Solar Energy Research Institute,it has the capacity of designing and developing BIPV mode spontaneous electric PV system, engineering lighting system, varies LED lighting products including 13 series of commercial lighting products and engineering lighting products, and the subsequent engineering installation and energy management,ect.

Since establishment in 2002, it has entered into electronic products, office machinery and electric products and LED light engineering products and other fields’ development, manufacturing and sales in the ten years. With years’ technology accumulation, it has abundant experience in external parts, structural parts, electronic circuit parts assembly and finished products’ R&D, and manufacturing technology,ect.

The company’s own brand “OMA”& “BMA” have been established for years, and enjoyed high reputation in the existing product areas.Since the introduction of LED lighting products of “Hualu HG” brand, it has been representing central enterprise’s hgiher product’s grade, quality and reputation, enjoying higher image of the industry, and they are successfully sold to Europe, America, Japan , South Korea, South-East Asia, West Asia and other countries in the world.

The company has modern plant and manufacturing equipments. In the manufacturing scale and product category, it has years’ manufacturing experience from spare parts to finished products and the assembly, and perfect systems of manufacturing ,quality control and engineering technology. Except of meeting the demand of its own products’ manufacturing and assembly, it undertakes OEM processing business for Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba and other world famous companies and wins customers’ widespread recognition and good comments.

In the spare parts’ manufacturing, the company has maching workshop, mould plant, stamping plant, injection plant and painting workshop.Except of meeting the demand of its own products’ manufacturing, it has years’ related experience of spare parts with Japanese , European and American companies.

Now, according to the national policy advocacy, market demand and the concept of enterprise’s transformation and upgrade, we sincerely hope that we could make much more contribution to the society in new engergy and low carbon environmental protection fields by our continuous efforts.